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2020 Kitchen Design Trends (Part 3)

Kitchen Remodelers Plymouth MN

Are you thinking of doing a little kitchen remodeling? Since kitchens are essential and high-traffic areas of our rooms that tend to be in constant use, it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping your kitchen up-to-date and making sure that your current kitchen design suits your everyday needs. Here are some kitchen design trends to consider incorporating into your own kitchen’s design plans: Kitchen Remodelers Plymouth MN

Kitchen Larders, Pantries & Cupboards

One blast from the past that’s been making a return is the use of kitchen larders, pantries, and cupboards. While larders and pantries are thought to be a thing of a the past, as it turns out, they’re something that many homeowners are wanting to reincorporate into their kitchen’s design. The reason is simple–to improve your kitchen’s storage so that your kitchen doesn’t appear cluttered and disorganized. Larders, pantries, and cupboards can also make your kitchen feel homier and nostalgic as well.

Open Kitchen & Living Areas

Another kitchen design trend that’s been gaining in popularity is open kitchen and living areas. Gone are the days where kitchens are separated from the rest of your home. Nowadays, it’s common to have a combined kitchen and living area. The open kitchen design helps to make your home feel homier and more welcoming, and it allows families and cohabitants to feel more connected to one another.

Copper, Gold & Colorful Accents

Lastly, copper, gold, and colorful accents have also become increasingly popular in recent years. The reason is because they offer some natural beauty and life to your kitchen. Since modern kitchen design has been leaning more towards monotone colors, its nice to add some colorful and shiny accents here and there to brighten it up.

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Kitchen Remodelers Plymouth MN

Kitchen Remodelers Plymouth MN

Kitchen Remodelers Plymouth MN