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Beautiful Features of a Modern Kitchen (Part 1)

Kitchen Remodel Medina MN

It’s important that you are completely satisfied with your kitchen. Throughout the decades, kitchens have significantly changed to better accommodate the needs of homeowners. There are many different features of a modern kitchen that promote both beauty and functionality; here are 3 features of a beautiful, modern, and functional kitchen: Kitchen Remodel Medina MN

Custom Cabinetry

Every home is unique when it comes to storage. A great feature of modern kitchens is the opportunity for custom cabinetry. When it comes to the storage in your kitchen, it’s crucial to have enough to keep things organized and seamlessly functional. Custom cabinets are not only incredibly functional for your specific needs, but are built with expert detail and craftsmanship to promote long-term use and durability. J3 Renovation & Design creates custom cabinetry that features the materials and design you desire to meet your exact kitchen goals.

Upgraded Sink

Your sink says a lot about your kitchen. After a while, it becomes obvious that a sink is outdated. General wear and tear can impact a sink and can cause it to function poorly in several ways. Your sink is an integral part of your kitchen, and it’s important that it functions adequately. It’s also very beneficial to have a spacious sink in the kitchen. When it comes to modern sinks, there are so many styles and types to choose from. There are benefits to both single-bowl and double-bowl sinks, depending on what you’re looking for. Many modern sinks are stunningly beautiful and can be the focal point of your kitchen. Who said sinks are only functional and can’t be a stunning aesthetic feature, too?


It can be really frustrating attempting to make a home-cooked meal without adequate space in the kitchen. Kitchen remodels can be very beneficial when it comes to opening up the space and creating more room for movement in the kitchen. Long gone are the days when space wasn’t attainable; kitchen renovations and interior design help promote efficient use of space to help ensure you can make the most of your kitchen. Home remodelers specialize in creating functional, beautiful spaces that promote greater space and comfort.

If your kitchen could benefit from kitchen remodeling services, contact J3 Renovation & Design. We have several interior design and remodeling services available to help you reach your home and kitchen goals. It’s important for you to be satisfied with your interior, and getting kitchen renovations that modernize your interior is a great way to update your home. Contact us today to learn more about our interior remodeling services or to schedule an appointment with a general contractor in Medina today.

Kitchen Remodel Medina MN

Kitchen Remodel Medina MN