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Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN | Winter Remodeling Tips

interior remodeling in wayzata mnInterior Remodeling in Wayzata MN | Winter Remodeling Tips

During the winter, all of us spend more time inside at home. If, while you’ve been indoors, you’ve noticed some areas of your home you’d like improved, then it’s time to reach out to a local general contractor to get the job done right. There are a surprising amount of home remodeling projects you can get done during the winter months, and if done correctly, the home remodeling projects will last you through many winters to come. In fact, some of the best times for home remodeling are during the winter months because contractors are less busy and it’s easier to get them on site to take care of your project. If you’ve been considering a basement remodel, a bathroom renovation, or a kitchen upgradecontact your local general contractor for help today. At J3 Renovation and Design, we can help you with any of your interior remodeling projects. Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN

Basement Remodel

Basement Remodels are some of the most popular home remodeling projects that people undertake. A basement renovation can add a lot of value to your home, it’s also a great way to increase living space and make use of what might otherwise be wasted square footage in your house. If your basement is a dark, damp and dreary space that only gets used as storage, then it’s time to consider a full basement remodel. A basement remodel can be an affordable way to create new living spaces or use your existing space more efficiently. You can add a new bathroom to your home, or a guest bedroom. Alternatively, you can add in more entertaining space, or a more personalized space like a workout room or a studio. A basement remodel can be a great way to add valuable square footage to your home, without adding on. It’s also a great project to take on during winter months, when other projects are less practical. It’s a good time to take on a project that will keep you busy and productive, while giving you something to look forward to at the end of the cold months.

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is a great way to update a bathroom that’s not up to your current standards. You can change out fixtures, add in new lighting and ventilation systems, or even upgrade the plumbing. This is a project that will add value to your home and make it more comfortable for you and your family members. An improved bathroom can also give you a better return on your investment if you decide to sell your home. A bathroom remodel is a good project to take on during winter months, since it’s not as dependent on good weather and outdoor activities.

Custom Tile

Tile can be hard to install on your own- even if you get all the materials figured out, you might break some during the installation process, or you might place them in such a way that they don’t look right. If you want to install tile in your bathroom, it’s best to hire a professional who has experience with this type of project. They can help you choose the right materials and give you advice on how best to install them so they won’t break or fall out of place over time. If you are doing Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN for your home, a great way can be to add custom tile in your home.

Kitchen Remodel

Maybe you noticed during the holiday season that you don’t love your kitchen as much as you used to. It’s time for a kitchen remodel in Wayzata MN! Maybe you want to upgrade the appliances, or maybe you just need to add some new cabinets and countertops. Whatever your reason for doing it, hiring a professional to do the work is definitely recommended. They’ll have experience with different materials and styles that will make sure your kitchen looks great when they’re finished with it.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is a great way of not only making your kitchen feel more like you, but also improving the value of your home. You can hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to custom-make your cabinets to match the style of your home and the look you’re looking for. They’ll make sure that every aspect of the design is perfect before installing them so that you’re left with something that not only looks great but also fits seamlessly into your existing space. Cabinetry comes in many different styles from classic to modern, depending on what kind of feel you want for your kitchen.

Carpets and Flooring

Carpets and flooring are another great way of making your home feel more like you. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so you can find something that perfectly matches the look you want for your space. You could go for carpets in soft pastel shades or bolder tones with a more contemporary feel; it all depends on what kind of effect you’re trying to achieve.

If you need help with Project Management, Design Services, Interior Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Custom Cabinetry, Carpets and Flooring, Custom Tile, or more reach out to J3 Renovation and Design today. If you are interested in Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN for your home, contact J3 Renovations today! We can help you with your interior remodel this winter!

Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN

Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN

Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN

Interior Remodeling in Wayzata MN