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3 Bathroom Design Ideas To Consider

Home Remodelers Minnetonka MNDo you have plans to remodel your bathroom? Bathroom remodels are a great way to improve the look and functionality of your bathroom, not to mention to help add value to your home as well. Here are 3 bathroom design ideas to consider for your bathroom remodel project: Home Remodelers Minnetonka MN

New Bathroom Flooring

One consideration you should make when remodeling your bathroom is installing new flooring. Oftentimes flooring is an afterthought when it comes to remodeling projects, even though your flooring is a crucial element to the design of any space. Moreover, since your flooring is in constant use, it tends to wear down over time and may even become hazardous over time. Therefore, you should consider installing non-slip tiling or some other type of flooring in your bathroom.

New Lighting

Another thing to consider when remodeling your bathroom is the lighting. The lighting in your bathroom is extremely important not just for visibility but also when it comes to the look and aesthetics of your bathroom as well. The lighting in your bathroom can really have a major impact on the room’s design and feel, which is why it’s important to put a lot of thought into what types of lighting to install.

New Fixtures

Lastly, when remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to assess the age and functionality of your current fixtures (i.e., your bathtub/shower, toilet, sink, ventilation etc.) and to consider getting new ones if they are old or outdated. Since you’re already planning to make some changes to your bathroom, it’s best to simply replace any and all fixtures that you can see yourself needing to replace sometime in the next few years all at once so that you don’t need to worry about being inconvenienced multiple times or having to take on multiple bathroom redesign projects over the span of only a few years.

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Home Remodelers Minnetonka MN

Home Remodelers Minnetonka MN

Home Remodelers Minnetonka MN