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Creative Bathroom Renovation Ideas (Part 2)

Creative Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Needing a major bathroom refresh? There are so many great ways to upgrade and revitalize your bathroom. Part 1 of this blog series noted that getting creative with storage solutions, renovating your tub or shower, and getting a flooring upgrade are all great ways to revitalize your bathroom. Here are 3 more creative ideas to get you started on your bathroom remodeling project: Creative Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Experiment With Lighting

A great way to get creative with your bathroom is by looking into different lighting options. Natural light is a sought-after light source and can be a huge asset to the bathroom, and adding a window to your bathroom may not be as complicated as it seems! Your local general contractors can help you decide if this is a good option for your bathroom. However, adding a natural light source isn’t always feasible, so looking into a new light fixture that immerses the bathroom in newfound light is a great option to brighten things up. You might also consider accent lighting that can add elegance and class to any bathroom.

Redo the Vanity

The vanity is often considered the focal point of the bathroom. An old and outdated vanity will show itself immediately. Vanities today are sleek and beautiful, and many offer ample and discreet storage space for bathroom items. If you have the space, you might consider a double vanity that allows for more space to get ready with a partner, and storage for standard toiletry items. On the flip side, downsizing your vanity can be beneficial to allow for more unique and strategic storage solutions with custom cabinetry. Another great way to upgrade the vanity area is with a new mirror that matches the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Upgrade the Tiling

The tiling in your bathroom can make or break the entire aesthetic of your bathroom. After so many years go by, the tiling will naturally become worn and torn. Discoloration may occur (especially in cheap, sub-par tiling), tiling pieces may chip or degrade, and trends will eventually go out of style. Also consider that upgrading your tiling refreshes the bathroom not only aesthetically, but also can freshen up the space physically too by removing old particles and allowing the area to be opened up for assessment for moisture damage like mildew or mold. Adding custom tile to your bathroom is a great way to upgrade your bathroom and freshen up the area. There are so many ways to customize your bathroom with tile that you can create a completely unique and beautiful space that is perfect for your bathroom!

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Creative Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Creative Bathroom Renovation Ideas