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Great Ways to Revive Your Bathroom (Part 2)

Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth MNAfter a while, the bathrooms in your home will require an upgrade. Whether you want to update due to aesthetics, wear & tear, modernizing your bathroom, or anything else, a bathroom remodel is a great idea. Part 1 of this blog series noted that new countertops, custom tiling, and getting a new bathtub or shower are all great ways to revive your bathroom. Here are 3 more ways to revive your bathroom: Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth MN

Upgraded Sink(s)

Upgrading your sink is a great way to revive an outdated bathroom. If you haven’t gotten a new bathroom sink in quite some time, you may notice the buildup of grime or other forms of wear and tear that naturally occur over years of use. Getting a new sink is an awesome way to upgrade your bathroom. There are so many options when it comes to sinks; from modern, budget-friendly options to stunning sinks that function as a modern work of art, you’re bound to find the perfect new sink for your bathroom. Some homeowners decide a double vanity that features two sinks is more suitable for ease, comfort, and accessibility, especially in shared bathrooms. Contact your local remodeling contractor to explore your options.

Custom Cabinetry

Every bathroom should have cabinetry that suits the needs of that particular bathroom. Moreover, every household has different needs and storage options for various things that are often used in the bathroom such as cleaning supplies, hygiene products, beauty products, medications, and so much more. Sometimes storage can become more of a nightmare than anything else, which is why custom cabinetry can be incredibly beneficial. Home remodelers create custom cabinets that boast exquisite craftsmanship, considering the design and materials that align with your needs, and the cabinets are built and designed to serve your needs for years to come. Custom cabinetry is a great storage solution that can benefit any room in your house.

Complete Bathroom Remodel

After a while, a bathroom will become outdated and show wear and tear. Your bathtub may be outdated or unnecessary, your countertops may show wear, and your bathroom tile may be aged and outdated. Homeowners who find that their bathroom isn’t adequately suiting their needs can hugely benefit from a complete bathroom renovation. There are so many great reasons to remodel your bathroom. An outdated bathroom can feel musty or unclean and after so many years, it should be freshened up. Renovating your bathroom also gives you the chance to create a space you enjoy spending time in and enhance the aesthetics of the room. Your bathroom will be used frequently by everyone, so having a clean space with updated aesthetics is a great way to make upgrades to your home.

Remodeling is a great way to revitalize your bathroom and improve the overall feel and cleanliness of the bathroom. If you’re ready to make bathroom renovations, contact J3 Renovation & Design. Our wide range of interior services can help your home feel refreshed and revitalized. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a general contractor in Plymouth.

Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth MN

Bathroom Remodel in Plymouth MN