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Great Ways to Revive Your Bathroom (Part 1)

Bathroom Remodel in Maple Grove MNHave you been looking at your bathroom lately and thinking that it’s definitely seen better days (or years)? Over time, your bathroom will show signs of wear and tear or outdated aesthetics that could benefit from a major upgrade. There are so many great ways to make updates to your bathroom and enhance the space overall. Here are 3 ways to revive your bathroom: Bathroom Remodel in Maple Grove MN

New Countertops

A major sign of an outdated bathroom is the countertops. They may show signs of wear and tear such as chipping or discoloration, which can detract from the overall aesthetic and appearance of cleanliness of a bathroom. Having quality countertops in your bathroom is important for a number of reasons. New, quality countertops promote cleanliness, and they feature an upgraded aesthetic for any bathroom. J3 Renovation & Design is proud to feature Cambria countertops, which promote elegance and beauty for the modern bathroom. We also offer free estimates on new countertops.

Custom Tiling

Custom tiling is an excellent way to upgrade and update your bathroom. Many old homes feature old tiling that makes the bathroom appear outdated (and sometimes dirty and grimy). New tiling gives you the opportunity to enhance your bathroom aesthetic and incorporate your own style. Custom tiling is a great option for many homeowners because there are so many unique styles and stunning colors to choose from to give your bathroom a unique and beautiful modern look. Whether you want to re-tile your bathroom or replace your bathroom flooring with custom tiles, you are sure to find the tiling aesthetic that will enhance the look and feel of your whole bathroom.

New Bathtub or Shower

A great way to upgrade your bathroom is by investing in a new bathtub or shower. It’s important for homeowners to clean their bathtubs and showers regularly to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria. Over many years, a bathtub or shower will show natural wear and tear and the best option is to get a replacement. Moreover, sometimes the needs of people change and the old bathtub or shower isn’t suitable anymore. For example, many older folks choose to shower rather than bathe, and removing an outdated bathtub can add a lot more space to your bathroom. General contractors can help you replace your old bathtub or shower with something fresher, newer, and that will suit your bathroom perfectly.

Remodeling is a great way to revitalize your bathroom and improve the overall feel and cleanliness of the bathroom. If you’re ready for a bathroom remodel, contact J3 Renovation & Design. We are proud to offer many remodeling and interior design services that can benefit your interior. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a general contractor in Maple Grove.

Bathroom Remodel in Maple Grove MN

Bathroom Remodel in Maple Grove MN