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3 Tips for a More Spacious Kitchen (Part 2)

3 Tips for a More Spacious Kitchen

Having a spacious kitchen is a huge benefit for many reasons. Even if you have a small area to work with, you still have several options to promote a space that looks and feels more spacious. Part 2 of this blog series noted that custom cabinetry, strategic use of color, and lighting can all benefit your kitchen and make it look & feel larger. Here are 3 more ways to promote a more spacious kitchen: 3 Tips for a More Spacious Kitchen

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a key way to make your space feel larger than it actually is. A strategically placed mirror (or several mirrors) can create an illusion of space. They are an excellent addition to any room, especially smaller rooms because they reflect light in different directions which makes the space feel bigger. Mirrors can also help you keep an eye on what’s happening in different areas of the room, which can be a major benefit when you’re entertaining. While this doesn’t add physical space to your kitchen, it can make your area feel larger and brighter, which can make a world of difference within the environment of your home.

Reassess Your Flooring

Did you know that certain types of outdated flooring can trick your mind into thinking the room is smaller? This also applies to various types of flooring that are working against each other within the same room because it breaks up the space. A great way to make your room look bigger is by installing new flooring. Your local home remodelers offer several types of modern, beautiful flooring that can promote a more open environment. Hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring are popular options for a kitchen remodel. Investing in custom flooring is a huge asset for homeowners for many reasons including an upgraded aesthetic, cohesive decor/styling, and making your space feel more open.

Hire an Interior Designer

A sure-fire way to achieve a kitchen that both looks and feels more spacious is by hiring an interior designer in Loretto MN. At J3 Renovation & Design, we are proud to offer remodeling services, project management services, and interior design services. Many homeowners, especially those with limited space to work with, can benefit from the expertise of interior designers. Interior designers are trained to see an area and how to promote maximum efficiency and utilizable space within the area.

If you’re ready to reassess your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact your local home remodelers in Loretto MN at J3 Renovation & Design. We are proud to offer a wide range of house remodeling and interior design services to promote a more spacious interior and beautiful aesthetic in your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a remodeler in Loretto MN or to learn more about our services. Watch for Part 3 of this blog series for a few more tips to promote a more spacious kitchen.

3 Tips for a More Spacious Kitchen

3 Tips for a More Spacious Kitchen