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3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets (Part 1)

3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

It’s important that you enjoy your home & kitchen. If you’re tired of your old kitchen cabinets, it may be time to upgrade. There are several signs that tell you when you should consider doing so. Here are some examples: 3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

The doors are too flimsy.

If your cabinets are made of particleboard, you may have noticed the doors tend to be flimsy. This is an indication that they’re not in good condition and need to be replaced. The doors should also open and close smoothly without any resistance from the hinges or frame, which should be straight and true. Cabinets often endure a significant amount of use, and if the cabinet doors are flimsy and wearing out, they are susceptible to breaking. If you notice any gaps in the cabinets, this can accumulate moisture, it can even cause mold growth inside your cabinets. Flimsy cabinets are definitely an indicator that you need new cabinets.

You may be getting a strong odor from your cabinets.

A strong odor emitting from your cabinets could be a sign that there is a problem with your cabinetry. The most common cause of an odor is moisture, which can lead to mold, bacteria, and insects. If the problem is not resolved quickly, it can spread throughout the kitchen and even into other rooms of the home as well. Check any pipes that could be impacting your cabinets. These can often leak or burst, causing damage to everything nearby including cabinets, flooring, appliances, furniture, and more.

Another thing you should check for is rodent droppings; rodents will eat away at wood but they also like living inside wooden structures where they feel safe. Rodents and insects can quickly damage cabinets and leave your kitchen extremely unsanitary. Pets often leave behind odors too; do your due diligence and investigate where the odors are coming from, and contact your local general contractors to learn more about getting new cabinets.

Your space isn’t used efficiently.

If you are still thinking that your cabinets are fine, it’s time to remind yourself of why they were installed in the first place. They were intended to be used for storage and organization purposes, not just decoration. If the space in your kitchen isn’t being used efficiently, then it’s more than likely time for new kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets are an awesome solution for homeowners whose kitchens aren’t serving their unique storage needs. Custom cabinetry is especially beneficial for those with small kitchens or uniquely shaped kitchens. Getting kitchen renovations to suit your unique space will help benefit the storage and practicality of your kitchen.

To learn more about getting new cabinets or other kitchen remodeling services, contact J3 Renovation & Design. We are proud to offer several interior remodeling services to benefit your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us, your local home remodelers in Medina MN, for more information. Watch for Part 2 of this blog series for a few more signs you need new kitchen cabinets.

3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets